Edward Fellowes

1837 Edward Fellowes inherited the Ramsey Abbey Estate

In the same year he was returned as the Member of Parliament for Huntingdonshire serving until 1880. As the Fenmans Friend and over some fifty years Edward was involved in the management of the Middle Level Commissioners and the Ouse Outfall Board His leadership was recognised by a banquet in his honour in 1879.

He was created the lst Baron De Ramsey in 1887 a title he enjoyed for only one month until his death at the age of 79. Edward Fellowes further extended the family house employing the services of Edward Blore, spending some £10,000 on the fabric of the building between 1838 and 1841.

The Alms Houses and The Terrace over looking the Abbey Green’ The Estate Office over looking the Church Green and The Abbey Rooms were all built by Edward. He also helped to finance the building of the churches at Ramsey Forty Foot and at Ponders Bridge and the parsonage and school at Ponders Bridge. Edward was also involved in the restoration of the parish church at Ramsey The clock tower on the Great Whyte in Ramsey was erected in 1888 as a memorial to the 1st Lord De Ramsey.