Cambridge Chronicle and Journal 1st May 1852

Below is a list of Tenders from Contractors with their prices for the building of the Culverts down the Great Whyte.  As you can see they are all very close in price and are from near and far. The Tenders were left in the hands of the Surveyors of the Highways, who chose Booth & Lunn for the sum of £2000, they do not appear on this list which is strange. However there is a Booth & Co from Boston Lincs but their price is higher, so I don’t think they are the same company. 

Brassy – £3,395

Oldham –  Nottingham £3,154

Bray and Co –  Leeds, £3,076

Munday –  London, £2,875

Hutchinson – March, £2,778

Bateman – Ramsey, £2,590

Mills –  Whittlesey, £2,533

Pauling –  London, £2,487

Parker – Thrapston, £2,403

Booth & Co –  Boston, £2,331