The photographs below show how the Bury brook has flooded over the years.  In 1912 it was very bad at both ends of the Great Whyte as you can see, in the papers it was called Black Monday. Even in 1979 the water was nearly up to the top of the car park wall at the back of the old Rose and Crown yard.  The photo of the Lion Yard also shows high water levels in we think 1979.   The video shows the water flowing at the Mill end of Town from the exit tunnels after heavy rains in April 2018. 

The St Marys photo shows how the 1912 floods affected the surrounding areas as well.

Bury Brook in Flood 1912 Rose and Crown Yard
Ramsey Docks 1912 Floods
Flood conditions in 1979 near Tunnel entrance
Lion Yard
Harvesting along St Marys Road 1912